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Be A Part of This Exciting & Progressive Approach to Empowerment through Advanced Technology!


We welcome and celebrate anyone who wants to be a part of this exciting and progressive approach to empowerment through advanced technology. Together we will steadfastly address the critical needs of the sociological disadvantaged, economically challenged and dissoluble futures of disenfranchised communities.

"We're not a school, but a tool of thought..."

Direct Action Media Academy Inc. (501(c) - Nonprofit Community Service proactively supports people and communities by providing direct training, business building tools and outreach advocacy through advanced technology from a collective of skilled IT technicians, artists, musicians, photographers, entrepreneurs and partnering community agencies. We provide hands on support, outreach, research and expertise to help build futures. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we are also proudly serving communities and individuals throughout the country including Baltimore, Maryland and Atlanta, Georgia.

Empowerment Starts With You.

Direct Action Media Academy Inc. - 501(c)3 - Nonprofit Community Service

Why We Do What We Do?

What if you came up with a brilliant idea on how to help others, put it into practice and it worked?! You were able to help at-risk students graduate, help people build businesses and provide endless technical support to a disenfranchised community when everyone else said it was impossible. Well, thankfully it's not.

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Direct Action Media Academy Inc. is committed to empowering disenfranchised communities by providing advanced technology resources, training & networks.

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A Special Thank You

We want to express our appreciation for your generosity and support. Your personal commitment is incredibly helpful and inspires our goals. Your direct action means so much to us but even more to the individuals and communities we serve. Thank you. Please, let us know how we can help you and your community or suggest another community that we can serve. We want to do more for more.

With Our Sincere Thanks,

The Direct Action Media Academy, Inc. Team

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